pH levels

The target pH level for premium growth and production is 6.2.

A low pH means greater acidity. This pH imbalance results in plants being unable to absorb nutrients in the soil.

Lime's neutralising value can correct a pH imbalance which will allow plants to access these nutrients as well as encouraging soil organism activity and healthy bacteria.

Lime also improves soil structure, drainage and aeration.

View the influence of soil pH on plant nutrients

Trace elements

Plants have 17 nutrients available to them in nature and 14 of these come from soil.

Nutrients are removed from the soil by crop and pasture systems and if the soil is not replenished, production will reduce over time. Different crops need different levels of trace elements and we can make custom blends to ensure your farm has the right levels for greater growth.

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Reduce N2O emissions

A 2021 study conducted by Irelands' Agriculture and Food Development Authority (TEAGASC) highlights that a consistent liming programme to raise the soils pH is both beneficial to farmers and the environment.

An increased pH, due to the application of lime, to the recommended agronomic range can reduce N20 emissions – a potent greenhouse gas.

See Teagasc study

Natures 'super food'

While not a 'food', lime unlocks the potential in the soil in a similar way to many of the natural 'superfoods' we consume for ourselves.

As a natural product it has no heavy metals, chemicals or additives. In comparison, nitrogen-based products are more alike to high energy sugars… great short-term impact but big long-term lows. 

Like any 'food', finding the right balance is important for improved health and this is where an in-depth soil test undertaken by one of our field staff is invaluable. 

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