Effective from 1 July 2023

Ag Lime 0-500 tonne
> 500 tonne
$46.00 per tonne
$43.70 per tonne*
Order online
Blended Lime 0-500 tonne
> 500 tonne
$46.00 per tonne
$43.70 per tonne
Knaprock 1 tonne $17.50 per tonne Order online
Bagged AgLime 1000 kgs bulk bag
25 kg bags with pallet
$66.00 per tonne
$167.00 per tonne

*After hours lime dispatch available

*All prices are excluding GST

*Deferred payment is available on request.

*A rebate will be paid at end of our season for those that have achieved over 500 tonne


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Blending Charges

Bagging Charge (for bulk bags) $25.00 per tonne  
Bagging Charge (40kg) $60.00 per tonne  
Pallets $40.00  
Bulk Bags $20.00  
Lime and Phosphate and/or Traces $30.00 minimum charge plus
$8.00 per tonne over 10t
Seed Mixes $40.00 per blend up to 4 tonne
$8.00 per tonne blend over 4 tonne

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