Why Lime?

A pH of 6.2 is ideal for plant growth.

A pH of 6.2 unlocks your soils greatest potential for the widest range of pasture and crops needs. As a natural calcium carbonate, lime neutralises the acidity in soil, giving plants more access to key nutrients to reach their maximum potential.

There is a number of factors that degrade and impact a soils pH. This can include grazing practices, cropping, weather and acidic N-based fertilisers.

We are seeing anecdotal evidence of a widespread reduction in soil pH within Otago and Southland due to these factors that can often be overcome with a consistent lime application plan. 

Lime is also a natural and cost-effective soil conditioner, encouraging the presence of micro-organisms and earthworms.

View ideal pH levels here
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ABL 21825 Analysis report v2

Tailored fertiliser products for your farm

At AB Lime, we know that one size does not fit all.

Using a solid lime base we are able to develop customised blends specific to the needs of your soil and crops. 

We are able to achieve this by undertaking one of the most comprehensive soil analysis tests on the market. In addition to the standard nutrient status of your soil we are also able to undertake the following tests that help to determine how your specific soil will respond to fertiliser:

• Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)

• Anion Storage Capacity

• Total Phosphate

• Total and Organic Sulphur; and

• Boron.

See an example of an analytics report here.

Soil Testing New Zealand

Know your nutrients

Soil is the major source of nutrients needed by plants for growth. The four main nutrients are nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and sulphur (S).

Together they make up what is known as NPKS, other important nutrients are calcium, magnesium and trace elements. In nature, there are 17 nutrients necessary for plants to thrive and 14 of these come from the soil. See fact file 103 for more information.


Southland’s best quality AgLime

AB Lime is home to some of the region's highest quality calcium carbonate (CaCO3) rock - otherwise referred to as lime. We regularly test our lime at all levels within the quarry and are independently audited to ensure that our lime quality is consistent all year round. In addition:

  • We can customise the sizing of lime particles, so you can get both immediate release and slow release lime. 
  • Our kilns dry our lime to a moisture content of between 1.5-3%, so you are paying for lime and not water.
  • We are Fertmark registered and independently audited for quality assurance.
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Liz Ferns

Liz Ferns

Sales & Marketing Manager

027 434 7192

Liz understands rural New Zealand.

With a career that spans a range of sales roles from buying and selling grain, agri-chemicals, animal health, general farm inputs and crop soil nutrition.

During the past 15 years Liz has built a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our customers with her work at AB Lime. Her passion is to assist clients to achieve the full potential of their soil - resulting in quality feed for healthy stock.

Please do not hesitant to get in touch if you have any queries in regards to your soil needs.


Grant Lawson   

Technician Field Consultant

027 438 0010

Grant has been involved in farming since he left school, including  sheep and beef farming in his own right for over 30 years.

Prior to joining AB Lime Grant spent 7 years as a TFO for Farmlands in the Western Southland area.

His extensive experience in relation to dairy, sheep and beef operations and crop agronomy are invaluable to AB Lime and our clients.

Please do not hesitant to get in touch if you have any queries in regards to your soil needs.

AB Lime Ginny our people landscape 4

Ginny Gray - BSc (Hons)

Distribution & Dispatch

027 245 6546

AB Lime is a natural fit for Ginny given her Bioveterinary Science degree from The Royal Veterinary College in the UK and her previous experience working as an animal nutrition consultant for an UK based lime company prior to her travel to NZ.

These skills have been put to the test at AB Lime where Ginny has quickly become an invaluable asset in our dispatch team.

Our experienced soil nutrient specialists are on hand to offer you the best advice to unlock your soils nutrients. Give Liz or Grant a call today:

  • Liz Ferns - 027 434 7192
  • Grant - 027 438 0010                                  

Click on the button below for our full contact information.