What is Effective Neutralising Value (ENV)?

Limestone quality is defined by its Effective Neutralising Value (ENV). This is a measurement of the neutralising value and the fineness of grind. 

The Neutralising Value of limestone is determined by it calcium carbonate (CaCO3) equivalent - the higher the value the greater the limestones ability to neutralise soil acidity.

The Fineness of grind determines the rate of reaction - finer limestone will neutralise soil acidity faster. Sieve Analysis results determine grind fineness.

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Using our efficiency calculator

Try entering some real results from other lime sources in and around Southland from the table below.

Better yet, ask your lime supplier for the particle size analysis and calcium carbonate content for their product and compare its quality with ours and work out how effective it is going to be!

Some things to look for:

  • High Source D has very little fines and gives a very different result to Sources A and C despite having a similar calcium carbonate percentage. 
  • Source B has similar calcium carbonate to AB Lime, but its different particle size analysis means its effectiveness as liming product is not as great!
  • Know what you are actually purchasing and how it’s going to work for you so you can make the best decision for your business.
Lime Source
AB Lime
Sieve Analysis
Retained (%)
Retained (%)
2 mm
1 mm
0.5 mm
0.25 mm
0.125 mm
(Neutralising Value) CaCO3 (%)
Price / Tonne ($)

*Lime Efficency utilised in 1 year (%)
*Return of expenditure after 1 year (%)


* Calculations based on data from Soil Quality Australia and from Cregan et. al 1989

^ Takes into account CaCO3 % of source rock

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