Our Vision

Like you, AB Lime is committed to minimising our environmental impact whilst encouraging continual improvement in performance across a number of very diverse business units. How we achieve this can be challenging.

We start by understanding the individual and unique environmental challenges each business units faces and how they effect their surrounding environment. We then focus on achieving sustainable economic development while avoiding, remedying and mitigating adverse effects on the environment.

Our focus is to:

  • actively seek to reduce negative impacts
  • enhance the positive aspects of our operations on the natural environment through effective planning and management
  • Comply with all legislation, regulations and other requirements relevant to the business activities.
  • establish and maintain Environmental Management Plans for each business unit that prescribes and provides for appropriate guidelines, standards, measures and procedures to eliminate, minimise and mitigate environmental effects.
  • manage landholdings so that biodiversity is protected and enhanced, where practicable, throughout AB Lime operations.
  • raise environmental awareness and the importance of being a good corporate citizen through the training and development of employees.
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Fiona Smith (B.Sc, M.Sc)

Health, Safety & Environment Manager

Fiona has been at AB Lime for 10 years and manages our environment and H & S team. Fiona has a Bachelor of Environmental Science but with her Master of Soil Science she is a great source of knowledge for our sales team.

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Ainsley Adams (B.Env.Mgmt)

Environmental Field Officer

Ainsley has a busy role undertaking regular onsite environmental monitoring. Some monitoring happens continuously, other samples are collected weekly, monthly or once or twice a year depending on what is being monitored.

The types of monitoring undertaken includes:

  • Dairy Farm water monitoring
  • Landfill gas monitoring
  • Landfill underdrainage water monitoring
  • Surface water monitoring.

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