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ABLime is focussed on providing our customers with accurate and appropriate knowledge about the soil that support their businesses. We believe that without a good understanding of what is going on under your feet, it is impossible to determine with confidence what you need to keep your farming business growing and profitable.

There is an increasing, an almost overwhelming number of fertiliser options out in the market place these days with all claiming to be what your farm needs. Only you as the farm owner should really know your farm needs. And this starts with knowing your farms soil requirements.

What does it need? It’s really simple: all your soil needs is to be in good physical condition and able to provide appropriate nutrients to your crop or pasture. It’s that easy – don’t over complicate it!

As a farmer, your soil is the foundation of your business – your most important asset. Do you know it as well as your best piece of equipment? Do you spend the same amount of time considering your fertiliser investment as you do before investing in a new tractor? Would you let a salesman buy a tractor for you?

The great thing about most soil is that under good management it thrives. When soil is looked after microbes thrive and flourish, organic matter builds, nutrients cycle and water drains. Plants grow and animals fatten. This isn't a fantasy, this is normal. All you need to do is balance the losses from product removal (feed it if it needs it) and treat it gently when you turn it up, when it’s wet and when it’s carrying weight.

Get to know your soil. It’s unique to your farm and its needs are unique to your business. Start with a good informative soil test and make sure you understand the results, and test annually!

Download our soils booklet  Soils-Booklet-A6.pdf

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