For construction of dairy lanes & silage pads
For maintenance of existing dairy lanes

If laid at approximately 125 - 150mm thick & properly compacted this product will assist in the elimination of stone bruising. Your cows will walk the total width of the lane cutting down travel time between the paddocks & milking shed. This is significant advantage where long distances are involved.

Calculate Knaprock Required

m X 
m X 
 X 1.3
tonnes of Knaprock required for lanes

To lay Knaprock

Step 1: Clean muck off existing ìaneway or base. A slight crown of approximately 4 degrees is ideal for Knaprock lane
Step 2: Spread Knaprock onto existing base at approximately 125 - 150mm thick on lane or 150 - 200mm on silage pad base
Step 3: Compact thoroughly with vibrating roller or plate compactor to give desired result.

  • Important that this product is laid when the weather is fine and warm, preferably in the summer months.
  • For best results use a carrier or contractor who is familiar with the laying of this product.
  • AB Lime Knaprock is manufactured from the same high quality quarry rock used in the manufacture of our Agriculture Lime (Ag Lime¬†90)

Product Specifications

Size - 90mm down to fines Carbonate content (CaCO3) 88 - 94% Bulk density 1-4 - 1-6 tonne per cubic metre Price $12.00 +GST ex Awarua site AB Lime does not take any responsibility for the performance of Knaprock as affected by ground condition, site preparation, laying or subsequent damage. For further information please do not hesitate to give us a call toll free on 0800 227559

Uses Uses are Dairy Lanes, Silage Pads, Horse arenas, gateways, calf shed bases and around troughs.