Know your nutrients

As well as lime, AB Lime stocks fertiliser from all the major fertiliser companies. 

Our batch blend process ensures accurate calculation of the nutrients you request, whether it’s a simple phosphate/lime mix or a more complicated multi nutrient blend.

We have in stock a full range of fertiliser and trace element products to manufacture a fertiliser blend to suit your requirements.  An electronically controlled conveyor blending system, with a speed of 5 tonnes per minute ensures complete and through mixing of the elements required.  We can even blend seed and fertiliser together to create a product just for you.

Our one stop fertiliser blending plant, together with the knowledge of our consultants and staff is designed to give you precision blended fertiliser to suit your specific farm requirements in achieving healthier soil, healthier pasture, healthier stock and healthier returns.

Three days notice required for any blend, including trace elements or seed.