About Us

AB Lime is a company that knows all about lime and related fertilisers.

Our reputation for reliability and quality comes from many years as Southlands producer of high quality lime and fertiliser blends.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide you with impartial advice on fertiliser requirements and being able to meet the needs of our customers by creating blends and products promptly and efficiently.

We also believe in providing accurate science based knowledge to our customers.  We have produced a Soils Booklet that was prepared in conjunction with Lincoln University and it provides some basic but crucial information about soils, specifically Southland soils.  This is a resource for you and we hope you download it and find it useful. 


Appropriate fertiliser and lime is applied to support soil in order to grow healthy plants.  The ability to grow dry matter to support animal production runs most farming businesses.  The removal of dry matter via crop harvesting or animal production creates a nutrient loss from this business.  Fertiliser and lime simply replace what has been removed.  It is good business common sense.

Look around our website – it’s full of relevant and important information.  If you are a dairy farmer don’t forget to follow the link to our Healthycow website!  And finally, feel free to contact us at any time – we are here to help the best we can!

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