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*Terms & Conditions

Price List

Effective from 1st July 2015, Ex Kings bend

AgLime 90 0-500 tonne
> 500 tonne
  $31.70 per tonne
  $29.95 per tonne
Blended Lime 0-500 tonne
> 500 tonne
  $31.70 per tonne
  $29.95 per tonne
Knaprock     $13.00 per tonne
Bagged AgLime 90 1 tonne bulk bags
25kg bags with Pallet
  $52.00 per tonne
$124.00 per tonne
Blending Charge Lime & Phosphate
Seed & Fertiliser

   $3.00 per tonne
  $40.00 per tonne
  $12.00 per tonne
   (Up to 10 tonne)


*AgLime90 Fertmark approved at 90% CaCO3 *After hours lime dispatch available

*All prices are exclude GST

*Deferred payment is available on request. *Discount available on AgLime90 over 500 tonnes on request.