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The team from A B Lime wish you a Merry Xmas and happy holidays

Soil can’t be replaced in your lifetime…..look after it.

A new report has found New Zealand is losing 192 million tonnes of soil every year from erosion with 44 percent of soil losses came from pasture land. This is equivalent to 84 million tonnes of soil lost each year.




Fiona Smith – AB Lime Environmental Manager

Ramblings of the GM - August 2016


Are you "In the zone"....?

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Why we see variations in water quality?


Ramblings of the GM - August 2014

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Firstly, I apologise that my letter is a bit late this year. I have been busy here at ABLime managing a big project, and I think if you drive past our property at Kings Bend you will see what I mean. As you can imagine, I have had the odd “teething issue” which tends to happen with most projects of this size, but we are getting there now. The weather since 1 July has not helped me at all, and I have had a bit of a “baptism of fire” in an introduction to the dairy industry. Let hope the weather settles down a bit; some sun and a bit of heat would be great!

Ramblings of the GM - June 2013

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Firstly, thank you for your continuing support over the past year. ABLime has worked really hard to provide you with good advice, service and quality products when you have needed them. I sincerely hope that you have been satisfied with the results.

The following words are my comments and points to note for you to consider this year.